Raffaele Bifulco

Born in 1983. Completed his musical studies, with the highest marks, at
"E. R. Duni de Matera" Conservatory, under the supervision of Professor
Michele Bozzi. He has taken several masterclasses with: Davide Formisano
( 1ª flute of Alla Scala Theatre), Angelo Persichilli, Maxene Larrieu, Carlo
Ennio Macalli, Mario Caroli and Michele Marasco during the "Serverino
Gazzelloni" X International Festival at Roccasecca.

Now days, he is in second superior year of music which belongs to the second level
of Pareggiato Musical Institute called “Orazio Vecchia”, situated in Modena.
Besides, he´s also improving himself at St. Felice Academy in Firenze, supervised
by Professor Michele Marasco. He has being rewarded in many National Contests
like Syrinx, E. Krakamp and Luigi IX, I Pogglioli.
Moreover, he made a performance as a soloist in the “FLAUTISSIMO 2003” International
Festival. And on top of that, he has played as first and eighth flute in: Puglia & Basilicata
Ochestra, Filarmonica de Matera Orchestra
, de la Metapontum Lirica and "Antica & Nuova
. Because of his experience, he was selected by the Giovanile Italiane Orchestra
in Fiesole and Alla Scala di Milano Theatre Academy.

Finally, he has played in a great number of Italian Cities and Foreign Countries with
different instrumental groups such as; harp & flute duo, flute & guitar, flute & piano
and flute & orchestra.